Our Approach

Although outwardly more connected than ever before the inner landscape of modern life is often one of fear, ambition, and emotional isolation. Living in a culture of tremendous velocity, it is easy to accumulate great momentum.  We can spend our whole lives leaning forward: rushing, grasping for control, multi-tasking, over-committing, straining to stay on top, without ever landing in the present moment.  Many people live their whole lives this way. Only to discover, at some point, that they don't feel deeply alive anymore.

There is another way.  For thousands of years, in traditional cultures around the world, a different kind of intelligence has been cultivated and refined: an intelligence of feeling. This way of knowing is present-moment centered, directly engaged, and of infinite scope. It is always available to us. It conveys information of a type, density, and texture not available through discursive thought. It connects us to ourselves, to one another, and to nature. Its vocabulary is embodied experience; its logic is of the heart. It is an antidote to the separation, disconnection, and violence of the modern world. And this intelligence can be developed.

Applied Mindfulness draws on expertise in mindfulness, somatics, emotional and social intelligence, nature awareness, and creativity to design and implement experiential interventions and organizational development consultations that transform our clients' experience from the inside out, helping them connect to their own source of organic intelligence.