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Great use of my time. If not invited here I would have never taken the time out to learn how to relax.

-Supervisor, Children and Family Services Division, Social Services Agency of Alameda County


Best self-care training I’ve ever taken.

-Clinical staff, Fred Finch Youth Services


Relaxing and not being productive made me angry at first.  Then I realized how much the weight of stress is truly impacting my day-to-day performance and longevity.  Peace– intangible peace is a profound tool.

-Attorney, East Bay Children’s Law Office


To me, this was the most useful and applicable training in my two years at Seneca.

-Direct Service Staff, After School Program, Seneca Center


Amazing…content so on point and applicable to the work we do…wonderful and relevant.

-Youth Development Clinicians, Bay Area Youth Centers (BAYC)


Amazing invaluable training.

-Program Director, After School Program, Seneca Center


This is the most useful/ applicable training I’ve taken as a CASA.

-CASA Volunteer, CASA of Alameda County


-In my seven years at the agency, this is the most helpful and relevant training that I have ever experienced.

-Mental Health Clinician, A Better Way, Inc.


-This is the best mindfulness training I’ve ever taken– and I’ve taken a lot of them!

-Mental Health Clinician, Solano County Health and Social Services Department


-Stellar!  This is one of the best workshops I have been to at Edgewood (in many years).  Perfect blend of experiential and intellectual, which is really hard to do!  The skill of the presenter made everything fall together.  Loved the drawings used to illustrate the concepts!

-Mental Health Clinician, Edgewood Center for Children and Families