for Individuals

Do you know that the neuro-physiological state of your autonomic nervous system (which regulates the stress response) governs your behavior, your moment-to-moment felt sense of well-being, and your immune response? 

Do you know that traumatic stress is retained indefinitely, and drives health outcomes 50 years into the future?  Do you know that studies suggest that 75-90% of doctor visits are stress-related?  More importantly, do you know that you can non-invasively transform the way that your nervous system is functioning, moment-to-moment, to dramatically alter your quality of life?  Do you know that this re-training can cause enduring neuro-plastic changes in your body and brain?

Most people in modern culture are walking around carrying great accumulations of stress.  Because our nervous systems are extraordinarily resilient, and because the accumulation of stress loads takes place so gradually over our lifetime (as well as suddenly, in the case of overwhelming experience), and is translated by the nervous system and structural architecture of the body into relatively stable localized patterns of tension and structural accommodation (until it exceeds our system’s capacity to contain), as well as into the very way that we relate to the world, most people have little idea how much stress is impacting their quality of life.  Most people have little idea how much stress has pushed them out of occupying their bodies, and inhabiting the visceral felt sense, and pushed them into the realm of the mental (thinking / discursive thought), which is often a way of avoiding direct contact with this very accumulation in the physiology.  The hidden cost of this accumulation is that we feel less alive and less connected to ourselves and one another; its overt cost is often present in the almost infinite range of stress-related symptoms that affect physical, emotional, and mental health.

Applied Mindfulness offers individual training sessions.  Drawing on the latest advances in neurophysiology and the science of mindfulness, training sessions will offer you practical experiential tools for increased well-being.  At the end of a session, you will FEEL differently, and will leave with tools for sustaining that change.  Classes sequentially build an experiential vocabulary of inner life skills, enabling participants to have deeper and more precise contact with, understanding of, and ability to work with various internal states, including positive and negative sensations and emotions that together form the ‘felt sense’.  Participants learn self-diagnostic practices for maximizing their ability to detect internal states, and return to equilibrium.   Participants learn about nervous system cycles, learn how to cultivate the relaxation response and utilize refractory periods for self-restoration.

Individual one-on-one sessions can be scheduled in San Rafael, California, or via Skype.  We also make housecalls and offer work on-site at companies (for an additional fee).   Our rates are reasonable, and the long-term impact of this work cannot be over-emphasized.

To make an appointment or learn more about how this work can support your well-being please contact: Gabriel Kram at (415) 827-7084 or gabriel[at]