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Applied Mindfulness featured in IDEA Fitness Journal, February 2012 :: Mindfulness Practice: Empowering Fragmented Teens to Become Whole, by Shirley Archer.  Through innovative programs, youth discover their inner selves, face fears, and embrace personal power.  
Today's overstimulated teens need guidance on how to experience the actual, rather than the virtual present.  Gabriel Kram, president of Applied Mindfulness, Inc. in Berkeley, California, and primary author of the Inner Life Skills curriculum, says, "It's particularly important to [teach young people to] connect with the environment.  So much of modern living is dissociative and isolating– like people in public spaces with headphones on in their own private world.  Young people on average are texting, looking at computers and receiving media 10 hours a day.  Mindfulness practice can be used as a context not only for turning inward but [also for] intentionally connecting with our environment through the senses."

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Gabriel Kram,
Apr 16, 2012, 10:23 AM