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Applied Neurophysiology

The human nervous system organizes and mediates our lived moment-to-moment experience.  Our nervous system is a remarkably adaptive
(plastic) system that is constantly being conditioned through our experiences, and has been conditioned in this way since we before we were born.  Much of the dysregulation, dis-ease, and suffering that people experience is a result of lack of nervous system coherence.  Much of this lack of nervous system coherence arises from brilliant survival strategies embedded in the neurophysiology that served us well at one time in our lives, but that are no longer adaptive.

These trainings focus on helping people understand the functional and hierarchical structures of the nervous system, and how they are shaping our experience moment-by-moment.  As we begin to understand these structures and their functionality, we can coordinate ourselves into greater alignment with their operation to support our own wellbeing at the most primal level of our physiology.  These trainings also begin to map the terrain of recovering resilience at the level of the nervous system, and form a foundation for understanding a neurosequential model of working with self and others.


•    Understand the micro/macro activation/ de-activation cycles of the nervous system

•    Understand how these cycles form a template for experience

•    Examine why human beings have been so successful in evolutionary terms
Understand our threat detection and response systems
•    Inquire into what it means to have a healthy threat response system

•    Understand the stress response as the threat response

•    Differentiate the layers of the nervous system and how they process information

•    Learn about the language of the reptilian, mammalian, and ‘thinking’ brain

•    Learn about how to be in direct conversation with the reptilian and mammalian brain

•    Understand how accurately experiencing the evolutionary structures that are activated by a given stimulus, e.g., a threat, allows us to process information at the appropriate evolutionary level so that we can resolve it

•    develop a felt experience of the moment-to-moment state of the nervous system in a variety of states, especially relaxed versus stressed