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Mindfulness Training

mindfulness training

Would it help you to be more centered, calm, and clear at work and in life?  Learn to center the body and mind in present moment awareness for greater equilibrium, stress reduction, and effectiveness in the workplace.  Awareness Training (mindfulness) is the practice of bringing attention to the present moment: to the direct experience of what is happening 'right now'– in a particular way, on purpose, and without judgment.  It is the practice of dropping beneath the ‘thinking mind’ into a more direct experience of our feelings and our bodies.

This practice of non-judgmental awareness represents a radical shift in how most people are paying attention, and in how they are experiencing the moment-to-moment unfolding of their lives.  Practicing mindful awareness is the practice of training attention, and it forms a foundation for a new way to relate to our experience, and the experience of others.  This experience is less reactive, less caught up in ‘doing’ and in ‘fixing’, and less likely to get locked into fixed afflictive patterns.

The sustained practice of mindful awareness has been extensively documented to transform the information processing structures of the brain and to have documented positive effects on a variety of physiological, emotional, and cognitive functions.


•    Learn about basic goodness or ‘true nature’ as an introduction to awareness training
•    Learn about the power of the present moment
•    Learn to find and intentionally place attention in a particular way
•    Experience mindfulness of breath and body sensation
•    Learn practices for self-care, stress reduction, and inner clarity
•    Learn basic principles of mindful awareness, such as ‘What you focus on gets bigger’
•    Understand how to utilize these practices to align vision with values