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Creativity Training

creativity training

When we are truly creating, we can find ourselves in a flow state where time seems to stand still, and we see the world through slightly different eyes.  Creativity is a force that we can learn to invite into our lives to help us solve problems in new ways, see situations through fresh eyes, and create new outcomes.  Many people find themselves stuck in habitual patterns of thinking and responding: creativity allows us to step ‘outside-of-the-box’ to see and understand in new ways.   Creativity is one example of a kind of direct connection with a deeper or less-conscious knowing.  To cultivate creativity we have to learn how to surrender a little bit; how to get ourselves out of the way.  In this training, we will explore cultivating flow states.  We can’t make ourselves creative; but we can remove impediments to creativity, and that’s what we’ll explore doing.

•    To spark your creativity
•    Understand creativity as a flow state
•    Learn about the neurobiology of flow states
•    Understand that creativity is not something that you have to create; it is something that you have to dis-inhibit
•    Examine how most of us have been trained out of creativity through the priorities of the western educational system
•    Articulate some of the primary characteristics of creative flow states, including deep concentration, curiosity, direct engagement, and not-knowing
•    Explore how to create the initial conditions that support creativity
•    Explore creativity as a state of active listening and receptivity
•    Experience creativity as stepping out of ‘shorthand’ representations we have of the world
•    Practice a variety of exercises to help open creativity
•    Understand how we can support creativity arising regularly in our day-to-day lives