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Emotional Awareness

Emotional Self-Awareness

In our highly ‘thinking-oriented’ culture, it is rare for people to have clear, stable, moment-to-moment contact with their feelings as they are happening. Yet in feeling is our direct contact with experience, and an immeasurable source of information and intelligence.  In many indigenous and traditional cultures around the world, this is in fact the primary way of knowing.

This way of knowing is present-moment centered, directly engaged, and of infinite scope.  It is always available to us.  It conveys information of a type, density, and texture not available through discursive thought.  It connects us to ourselves, to one another, and to nature.  Its vocabulary is embodied experience; its logic is of the heart.  It is an antidote to the separation, disconnection, and violence of the modern world.  And this intelligence can be developed.

This training explores ways to open more to feeling, and to feel more accurately.  Through awareness training and interpersonal practices, we’ll expand our contact with our own emotional self-awareness and its integration into our decision-making.


•    Learn about emotional intelligence from an evolutionary perspective as part of the neuro-sequential model
•    Learn about the ‘logic of the heart’ from a neuro-vascular physiology perspective
•    Learn how social conditioning and pain avoidance as well as avoidance of negative emotions diminish our access to the full intelligence of feeling
•    Explore the moment-to-moment experience of feeling states in the body at the intersection of sensation and emotion
•    Learn awareness-based techniques for accessing and clarifying emotions and for working with negative emotionality
•    Learn why certain emotional states need to be discharged, and practice doing this
•    Learn the interpersonal ‘sessioning’ technique for accessing and discharging emotional accumulation