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Nature Awareness Training

nature awareness training

Humans are an expression of nature at the deepest level, and until the last several hundred years we always lived deeply embedded in natural cycles- day and night, seasons, weather.  It is only recently, as human civilization has become more ‘advanced’ that we’ve begun to separate ourselves from these natural cycles.  At this time in history, most people spend most of their time in a temperature-controlled box- either at home, at work, or in the car.  Yet because of our unique evolutionary inheritance, we carry nature within us all the time, whether we recognize it or not, and our own internal dysregulation can be a pointer to the fact that we are out of balance with our own nature.

Nature awareness trainings move us intentionally, mindfully, towards a deeper connection with nature as a direct avenue for more directly connecting with ourselves.  These trainings are based on the understanding that direct felt contact with nature is an intrinsically healing and vitalizing experience, that it taps directly into our innate and primal human programming and helps to surface our own organic intelligence.

Nature awareness trainings take place in nature, and offer participants the opportunity to step into a more primal or indigenous version of themselves.  As we come to understand and experience the enchantment with nature, we better understand that not taking care of it is the same as not taking care of ourselves.

•    Understand nature-deficit disorder, and how it shows up in humans
•    Understand the necessity physiologically, and psychologically, for connection with ‘wild’ nature, or ‘non-human mediated’ nature
•    Practice orienting and attuning to nature and observe its effects on personal wellbeing
•    Experience a variety of practices for attuning to nature, such as grounding, and tracking techniques
•    Practice mindfulness in nature
•    Understand how practices of nature attunement are directly applicable to attuning to ourselves and one another
•    Learn how to ask nature for help with problems, or as an avenue to insight
•    Look to nature as a source of inspiration, creative problem-solving, and design genius
•    Figure out how we can build connection with nature into our daily lives